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All garage door repairs we perform include a free garage door maintenance service.

If your garage door repair requires more than a minor fix, we will give you a no obligation Quote and you can decide whether to go ahead on the spot, get it fixed later or not get it done at all. *

Beware! We have recently received reports of some local dodgy operators who are using second hand garage door springs and parts and selling them as new.

We Guarantee that all our parts are new, and are tried and tested for quality. All of our parts and garage door repairs come with warranties. Trust a local company that has been around long enough to see the ‘cowboys’ come and go.

We carry a wide range of garage door parts and in most cases can complete  garage door repairs on the same day. Real Estate and Insurance work welcome.

We can repair :

Here are some of the most common issues and causes we come across

Garage door lifts around 10cm and then stops

This can be caused by a burnt out opener, an obstruction or another fault but the most common cause of this is a broken torsion spring. The way to identify this is firstly, you may have heard a loud noise which may have been the spring breaking and releasing energy. If you look towards the top of the garage door you may see one of the springs are broken like in this image

broken garage door spring

The door may also be very heavy to lift. This is because for an average size double car garage sectional door each spring lifts around 50kg of weight. With one broken spring you are trying to lift 50kg !

Replacing torsion springs is not considered a DIY task. They are under an extreme amount of tension and if you really don’t know what you are doing you can damage your garage door if you are lucky and lose a finger or worse if you are not. Call a Professional for a job like this.

We carry a wide range of springs and have software to determine the perfect spring for your garage door height, width and weight. This is important as an incorrectly balanced door will cause your motor and other components to strain and fail prematurely.

Another consideration to note is that if you have 2 or more springs, it is always best practice to replace the pair/set as they were most likely manufactured at the same time, have completed the same amount of cycles have the same amount of metal fatigue and are likely to both break at around the same time. Plus it’s cheaper to replace a pair of springs in one attendance than one spring in two attendances.


The chain appears loose

This can be caused by a badly balanced door or a chain adjuster out of adjustment but if your opener is a Guardian, Boss or B&D (especially Control-A-Door) then this is most likely caused by worn drive gears/ drive sprockets. On these older (and some may argue poorly designed) openers the chain wraps around the drive sprocket teeth. This means that the drive sprocket is always being “pulled” in one direction during the garage doors opening and closing cycle. Eventually the drive sprocket starts to lean a bit on an angle and the chain appears loose. Many people tend to then intuitively tighten the chain accelerating the wear.

Some smart manufacturers such as Jaytech Garage Door Openers have solved this issue by incorporating this “sideways” force within the drive rail meaning the opener only has to turn and has no additional off centre load applied to it.

Below is an image of a worn drive gear on a B&D Control-A-Door. This one has actually worn all the way through! On the right is a new sprocket.

garage door repairs perth

You can usually tell when your drive gear is near being worn out by noting that the chain appears loose, the opener may be getting noisier or sounds like it is struggling to lift the door and if you look on top of the opener around the drive sprocket you may see a sort of black dust that sparkles a little in the sun. This is caused by the metal wearing away. Replacement of a drive gear/sprocket kit is best left to a Professional as you can inadvertently damage your garage door or yourself if you get it wrong.


The garage door opener hums, but the door won’t lift

This can be caused by a faulty limit system, an incorrect adjustment or an obstacle but it is mostly caused by a seized AC motor. The “humming” means the receiver has picked up the signal from your remote and the circuit board has allocated voltage to the motor so that it should go, but it doesn’t because it has locked up/worn out. Call a Professional to get it diagnosed and see what your options are, generally not a DIY garage door repair. Check out our range of new motors.


The garage door looks crooked

This can be caused by an obstacle or a tapered bottom panel but mostly it is caused by a torsion cable either being ‘off the drum”, the cable being frayed or even broken. In this instance most or all of the tension from the springs is being applied to only one side of the door, so one side has twice as much tension as it should have and the other side has half as much as it should have causing the door to lift unevenly. In order for a door to run smoothly each torsion cable (one per side of the garage door) must carry exactly 50% of the load of the door by way of the energy from the torsion springs being applied to them. Torsion cables are under an extreme load and carry a lot of energy. Replacing them is not a DIY garage door repair as it can really lead to door and/or personal injury. Call a professional. Below is a rather extreme example of a torsion cable failure

garage door repairs perth

The garage door stops half way

This can be caused by a motor that is worn out, worn drive sprocket/gears, faulty limit system or an issue with your remote control but most of the time this is your opener telling you that it is having to do too much work. All garage door openers in Australia by law must stop and reverse when encountering an obstacle. If your opener is stopping mid cycle it can be because it is having to labour so much to open the door that it thinks there is an obstacle in it’s path. The cause of this is usually lack of maintenance and regular servicing . Over time the springs lose some of their tension which means the opener has to take up the extra amount of work required to open the door until one day it says “enough is enough!”.

It can also be caused by a “stiff” spot in the door travel cycle which should be identified and repaired by a qualified Technician. Unfortunately many home owners simply increase the force settings on the opener to overcome this which may temporarily alleviate the symptoms, but does nothing to fix the cause of the issue. This can lead to your opener failing prematurely or excessive wear. We recommend a professional service at least bi annually.

Check our Garage Door Servicing page here for more information on servicing.


My remote isn’t working

As a general rule if one remote stops working but the others continue to function  normally the issue is with the non working remote itself. It may have a flat or low battery, water damage or just be worn out. First step is to take it apart and put a fresh battery in it, check for any signs of corrosion or dust on the circuit board, then put it back together and test it. If it doesn’t work it may need replacing. This is usually quite inexpensive. Check out or remotes page here where new units can be purchased or give us a call.

If more than one remote control stops working at the same time check for obvious signs of signal interference from other devices (often on the 433.92 mhz frequency). Wireless door bells are a prime culprit. Check that the button on the doorbell isn’t stuck in and take the battery out of the sender unit to see if the issue resolves. Other culprits are baby monitors, ceiling fan remote controls and alarm systems. The most common cause of multiple remotes not operating the garage door is a faulty circuit board or receiver board. The B&D Control-a-Door is notorious for this fault. The receiver just stops working after years of service. Fixes include adding an external receiver which intercepts the remote signal such as the GE – RCV1 found here , a new circuit/receiver board or if your opener is over 10 years old you may want to consider a new unit altogether.

Garage door opens by itself

This can be caused by a faulty circuit board, poorly adjusted limit system, signal interference, faulty remote control, accidental activation of the remote control or someone else having a remote control that is programmed to your opener. This symptom can be difficult to diagnose. It’s best to call a Professional like Garage Door Restore that has a signal meter which can help diagnose the cause of this as well as eliminate mechanical issues that may cause this problem. One thing the homeowner can try first though which will resolve the issue in approximately 50% of cases is to delete the memory on the opener and reprogram the remote controls. You will need to consult the manual that came with your particular garage door opener to find the correct procedure for your make and model or contact us and we will attend and do it for you, then investigate and repair the cause of this issue.


I hit my garage door with my car

This is more common than most people think. It happens on average 14 times per day every day of the week across Perth. It only takes a momentary lapse of concentration, hitting the wrong pedal or the kids fighting in the backseat!

We can repair minor dents in garage doors. Much more information on this can be found here or you may require a new panel or panels. Garage Door Restore has accounts with every manufacturer in W.A and offers free, no obligation onsite quotes. We are also experienced with Insurance work so can liaise with your Insurance company to find the best solution for you.

Impact damage

It is important who you choose to complete garage door repairs


One of the many benefits in dealing with us is that you can come in and see us any time during business hours. We offer free expert advice on all things related to garage doors and garage door repairs. We also stock a full range of parts and remotes.

We have a combined 50 years experience in the garage door industry and we are customer focused. We provide warranties on every part we install and very often get phone calls from customers just to say “thank you”.

We will come and asses the door for you and tell you what the total cost would be to repair it, you can then give the go ahead on the spot or not.


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Whilst we make every effort to repair and remedy problems drawing on experience, knowledge, resources, manufacturers documentation and procedures we are not successful 100% of the time. Sometimes we will try the ‘cheapest’ option for you first. Please be aware that paying a service fee is not a Guarantee of repair but a guarantee that we will try our best. If the issue returns or persists we may recommend further work or  replacement parts but the charges for work already performed will not be refunded.  


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