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Garage Door Service is a known company for providing world class and quality garage doors, service and repair to all kinds of models and types.

Garage Door Service is not only reliable on products and services but it is also well informed about the latest garage door information and trends. Today, we’ll share with you tips and guidance on garage door security.

Today, criminals are well equipped with tools and materials to break in your homes. Hence, you should be able to address every possible way to prevent force entry into your residence.

As we all know, garage doors is a favourite among thieves. Therefore, you really need to secure your garage doors. Check out the following tips on garage door security:

• Never leave the garage door remote inside your car. When thieves breaks in your car and steals the remote control then they’ll have the opportunity to enter your home through the garage.
• Keychain remote opener is the best product to use because it’s handy and you can simply add it to your keys.
• Ensure that you have a garage door emergency installed into your doors.
• Always keep your garage doors locked. Install a deadbolt on the door between your house and garage.
• Secure that the door from your garage into your house is as secured like your front door. Don’t give any criminal to have access to your home through your garage.
• Don’t provoke and invite thieves by keeping your garage doors open. Remember that your garage can even serve as shelter by thieves. Hence, make it a practice to keep your garage closed and locked.
• Put in a wide-angle peephole in the door between your house and your garage. In this way you can see what’s happening inside your garage in case you feel that something wrong is going on.
• Deadbolt the throw latch on your garage door every time you go out.
• Maintain your garage doors all the time and make sure that the mechanical parts of your car are well functioning

Garage Door Service is proud that all of its garage door products has increased security features. Several of our automatic garage door openers has new features such as the rolling-code technology which offers 100% security. Know more about our exciting and outstanding products. Visit our product’s page and call us today!