Perth Garage Door Restore: Garage Door Safety

Perth Garage Door Restore offers proper installation, maintenance and repairs for your garage doors. We also offer new garage doors as well as remote controls and motors. The garage door is the largest moving object in your home, so it needs proper repair and maintenance. If not maintained properly, it could lead to serious injury.

Perth Garage Door Restore collected information about the precautions of handling garage doors, these are the following:

Do not let children play with the remote controls and teach them to never play under or near an open garage door.
Always place the remote control where the children can’t reach it. The wall switch should also be out of reach of children.
Never leave a child alone near the garage door.
Teach children about garage door safety.
Prevent walking or standing under a moving garage door.
Never leave a car underneath an open garage door.
Never place fingers between door sections.
Check garage door monthly for any sign of damage.
Perth Garage Door Restore can help you in the maintenance, restoration and repairs of your garage door. We make sure that clients are satisfied with our product and services. For new garage doors, remote controls and motors, you can order online or call 1300 788 522. To avail our services, we offer free quotes or you could also call 1300 788 522. Call now!

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