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Jaytech 1200 Quiet Drive Opener. Price inc fitting, FULL 7yr wty & door service


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Product Description

“Designed in Australia and built for Australian conditions the Jaytech 1200 garage door opener features minimalist styling, class leading reliability, quiet operation and a powerful 1200N motor. These features combine to make the Jaytech 1200 a world leading Sectional and Tilt garage door opener.”

Click below to see a Jaytech 1200 in operation.


Features include :

The strongest garage door opener on the market – Boasting 1200N of force these openers have up to twice the power as some other openers and are capable of lifting even the heaviest Tilt or Sectional garage door with ease. Built using only the highest quality materials for trouble free operation, these openers will easily lift a 25m2 door. Highest quality PCB available – Made in the U.S.A 

Fast Operation – The new Jaytech 1200 V3 is 20% faster than previous models and up to 50% faster than some other garage door openers!

DC motor – Soft start, soft stop reduces wear and strain on your garage door and ensures quiet operation.

DC motor

All metal drive gears – Other openers use plastic drive gears which are prone to failure, the Jaytech 1200 garage door opener uses all metal drive gears to ensure long lasting operation.

All metal drive gears

Comprehensive 7 year warranty – Beware of misleading claims made by other companies that they offer up to ten year motor warranties. Read the fine print ! These warranties often DON’T cover the electronics inside the opener. The Jaytech 1200 comes with a FULL 7 yr Warranty and a complete range of replacement parts are available locally.

stainless steel reinforced belt drive and C rail – Rail designs have advantages over pole systems as the moving parts are covered by the pressing of the rail, which eliminates dangerous exposed moving parts. The Jaytech 1200 drive belt is reinforced with 4 internal braided stainless steel cables which means it will never loosen, stretch or break.

Choice of super strong chain drive or whisper quiet, steel reinforced belt drive and C rai


Micro Intellectual Control – One touch button to control open, stop and close and Rolling Code technology, when the transmitter sends a code, it generates a new code using an encoder. The receiver, after receiving a correct code, uses the same encoder with the same original seed to generate a new code that it will accept in the future. What does this mean? Put simply it means that no one else apart from the owner of the remote control can operate the garage door, it cannot be copied and gives you total security and peace of mind. Other openers which use a single code or dip switch technology can be intercepted and copied.

Intelligent safety reverse and door mapping – A microprocessor computes the amount of force required to open and close the door safely and learns where the stiff spots are in your doors movement so that if an obstacle is encountered (car, person etc) the opener will recognize this and will automatically reverse.

3 x remote controls included – Sturdy metal cased design means they are built to last and resist damage caused by dropping etc. Additional buttons can be used to operate up to 4 doors with one remote control. These remote controls can also be wall mounted and used as a wireless wall switch and they come complete with long life batteries that are easy and inexpensive to replace. They measure approx 30mm wide x 50mm long. Optional – 2 x keyring and 1 x wireless wall button, no additional cost.

Automatic Courtesy light

Automatic Courtesy LED light – Light illuminates when door is opened and then automatically switches off after 3 minutes. LED light board means no need to replace globes.

CE approval – Ensures quality.

Manual release handle – In case of power failure, your garage door can be opened manually.


Lock down feauture – In the event of a power failure, the door can still be locked down for security and only opened from inside the garage.


battery backup

Battery Backup

Operate your garage door with your remote control even when the power is out.

Wireless keypad information[1]

Wireless Security Keypad

Can be mounted outside of your garage to allow pincode entry. Great if you or your kids are prone to losing their keys, or if you need to give a Tradesman temporary access.

wireless wall button

Wireless Wall Button

Can be wall mounted in the garage or in the house.


Additional remote controls

Why do we recommend Jaytech Openers and why are they cheaper than some other openers?

Reliability, style, smooth & quiet operation, full 7 year warranty with parts backup and an affordable price tag.

Garage Door Restore has been using Jaytech garage door openers in Perth since 2011. We use them because they don’t break down!

Our strategy was to team up with some other local garage door companies and purchase in large quantities, which means we get them at a great price. We then pass the savings onto you.


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Download the Jaytech manual here Garage door opener manual Jaytech Garage door opener manual[2887]

OPTION 1 (Cheapest)

Purchase this remote control online and we will post it out to you. All remote controls include easy to follow programming instructions and are posted on the same or next day.

OPTION 2 (Best)

We will deliver the remote control, program it to your opener and give your door a comprehensive mechanical service for an additional $88 (within 60km of CBD). If you would like to use this service call us now on

1300 788 522 or email sales@garagedoorrestore.com.au to book an appointment.