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B&D Tri Tran

B&D remote control – Tri Tran


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Product Description

These Genuine B&D remote controls suit all new model B&D Diamond Series and Tri Tran roller door and sectional/tilt openers. 


B&D Tri-Tran® Red Remote Control


RRP $ 85.00 +


Simple Programming instructions included.


B&D’s Tri-Tran multi frequency technology, means your opener will never have interference from household wireless products including baby monitors, door bells and some in home and in car wireless entertainment systems or other electronic devices. So when you want your garage door to open, it will.


Most current garage door openers operate on a single 433MHz frequency with a wide reception bandwidth. Unfortunately many other household products also operate on the same frequency. Every day items like baby monitors, door bells and some domestic and in car wireless entertainment systems. And they don’t have to be in your home. They can be in your neighbors. If one of these items is being used in your area, or is malfunctioning,

it has the potential to interfere with the operation of your garage door opener. You will push the button on your opener transmitter, and nothing will happen. This can be very frustrating, when you need your door to open/close, and it won’t.

To overcome this problem, which while localised is on the increase, all new B&D Controll-A-Door openers now feature unique Tri-Tran multi frequency operation. Tri-Tran has an automatic frequency change function, with each of its three frequencies transmitted having a much tighter bandwidth. The frequency changes every 22mS during a transmission and reception. So if there is another signal interfering on a part of this frequency spectrum, the automatic change ensures the signal still reaches the opener. This makes Tri-Tran up to one thousand times better, in terms of in band interference rejection, than a typical FM receiver, and up to a million

times better than some AM receivers.

To ensure your garage door opener works when you need it to, insist on an opener with Tri-Tran. The world’s first multi-frequency garage door

opener technology.

A compact four button key ring transmitter


    • ATA Trio
    • ATA Rhino
    • B&D Tri-Tran openers only
    • B&D Controll-A-Door P
    • B&D Controll-A-Door P Diamond
    • B&D Controll-A-Door P Diamond  Whisper Quite
    • B&D Controll-A-Door  Diamond   Power Drive
    • Will Not work with older motors which still use the SecuraCode 433MHz or old 27Mhz TX Remotes

“I recently ordered 2 new garage remotes from Garage Door Restore having undergone weeks of ignoring the fact that we only had one working remote. I googled to find a local supplier and up popped Garage Door Restore. I ordered the remotes on Monday and they arrived on Tuesday. The ordering process was simple and easy BUT that was nothing compared to how easy it was to program the new remotes! They look really classy and are very sturdy. I programmed them in 10 seconds. I am so happy with this company, both with their outstanding service and the excellent quality of the product they supplied AND what a fantastic price. Highly recommend Garage Door Restore. “

“2 new remotes arrived today. Great service, fantastic price and excellent product. Cannot recommend you guys highly enough.”





OPTION 1 (Cheapest)

Purchase this remote control online and we will post it out to you. All remote controls include easy to follow programming instructions and are posted on the same or next day.

OPTION 2 (Best)

We will deliver the remote control, program it to your opener and give your door a comprehensive mechanical service for an additional $88 (within 60km of CBD). If you would like to use this service call us now on

1300 788 522 or email sales@garagedoorrestore.com.au to book an appointment.