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ATA / Elsema

ATA / Elsema


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Remote Control
RRP $ 75.00 +


All Units Are Guaranteed Genuine and Brand New!

Keyring 27MHz Remote Control Transmitter


• Small keyring transmitters to replace the FMT-301, FMT-201 & ATA TXA-1
• Flashing LED indicates flat battery.
• Crystal based architecture, providing faster frequency settling, greater modulation depth and reduced temperature dependence.
• Easy to program and install with code switch technology.
• Durable plastic case.


Operates in the 27MHz band, the KEY series achieves the highest possible standard of performance by using a crystal-controlled, frequency modulated (FM) radio signal.  The onboard microcontroller uses the latest technology allowing for easy setup and installation while providing maximum security and reliability.
The KEY ring transmitter uses a LED light to indicate a flat battery status. The 1Hz flashing of the LED indicates a flat battery. The blue LED light will be “on” when the transmitter is activated by simply pressing the button on the front.
The KEY ring transmitter uses a high capacity (150mAh) 6 volt battery instead of the usual low capacity (30mAh) 12 volt remote control battery. This allows the user to use longer lasting batteries for more reliable operation.
Operating Distance
An operating distance of 200 metres is possible.
The operating distance depends upon the receiver antenna and location.
Power Source6V Alkaline Battery (4LR44)
Also Known as 4SR44, A544, PX28L, K28L, 28L or 2CR-1/3N
Current Consumption40mA (typical) at 6VDC supply during transmission
Standby CurrentLess than 6uA
Operating Frequency27.145MHz (Other frequency available: 27.045, 27.195 & 27.455MHz.
NB. 27.455 frequency is not available for Australia, Export Only)

Carrier Freq. ToleranceCrystal controlled 30 parts per million (0-50°C)
Radiated Field Strength70 dBuV/m at 3 metres (±3dB) or 3uWatts
Spurious Emissions> 15dB Below carrier at 3 metres
AntennaBuilt-in 30mm proprietary DILEC rod
Type of EmissionNarrow-bandwidth Frequency Modulation (5K00F1D)
Bits per second926 bps
Necessary Bandwidth±2.5 KHz
Digital Coding SystemOnboard 12-way coding switch (4096 codes) (KEY-304 & KEY-302: 10-way)
Dimension65 x 40 x 15 mm
Weight30g (excluding battery)
Useable Operating RangeUp to 100 metres depending on building structure and receiver antenna
Compatible ReceiversAll Elsema type FMR series


OPTION 1 (Cheapest)

Purchase this remote control online and we will post it out to you. All remote controls include easy to follow programming instructions and are posted on the same or next day.

OPTION 2 (Best)

We will deliver the remote control, program it to your opener and give your door a comprehensive mechanical service for an additional $88 (within 60km of CBD). If you would like to use this service call us now on

1300 788 522 or email sales@garagedoorrestore.com.au to book an appointment.


iJohno _____
iJohno _____
12:34 07 Jun 19
Great service, comprehensive quote, competitive prices, quick turnaround
Farhad Hashemi
Farhad Hashemi
08:27 21 May 19
I definitely don’t recommend this company. I had my garage door serviced two months ago by this company and it has stopped working again. I had another technician check the door who said this company had done a poor job. I asked them to come and fix the door but they declined. Look for another company if you don’t want trouble.read more
arnaud decotter
arnaud decotter
04:25 17 May 19
The service was excellent. Very friendly. Professional. The technician name was Rasi. Highly recommended. The motor is very quiet compare to original and comes with 7 years warranty. Belt driven able to lift the door with ease. Came with 2 remotes and a fix home button.read more
Sam Patel
Sam Patel
10:49 27 Apr 19
Rasi was very professional and did a thorough job in servicing my garage door. Would definitely recommend to family, friends and anyone looking to complete garage door maintenance. You will not be disappointed!read more
andrew mcalinden
andrew mcalinden
01:14 09 Nov 18
Great company to deal with and really happy with my new garage door. Daniel gave us a very competitive quote and is very easy to deal with, not in the least bit pushy. I was not on site when the door was fitted, but was over the moon with the transformation when I got home. Would highly recommend this company to family and friends.read more
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