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Whilst we recommend getting your sectional garage door professionally serviced at least every 2 years there are some things the home owner can do to help ensure their garage door and automatic openers longevity and smooth operation. We recommend the following DIY garage door maintenance procedure at least once a year. Familiarize yourself with the components below. (click on images to enlarge)

Tools needed

A can of degreaser

A can of CRC, Innox, WD -40 or Silicone spray

A can of White Lithium Grease

Clean Rags


Before conducting any maintenance to your garage door please switch off the power at the power point. Then, with the door in the down position pull the manual release cord to disengage your door from the opener. 

Step 1 – Tracks 

Starting with degreaser and clean rags, thoroughly clean out the tracks. Most people would be amazed at how much dirt and grime accumulates in garage door tracks especially the horizontal section where years of dirt and dust can build up. This can lead to extra pressure on the rollers and wheels  affecting the smooth operation and longevity of your door.

garage door track lubricant

garage door track

A common thing we see is that well meaning home owners have put grease in the tracks. DO NOT DO APPLY GREASE TO TRACKS and if there is any evidence of this remove all of it! The reason for this is twofold, firstly the wheels that run in the tracks are designed to roll. Most quality garage doors will have roller bearing wheels and if you put grease in the tracks the wheels may start to slide instead of roll. Once this starts to happen the sliding action will wear a flat spot in the wheel surface and make it difficult for it to run smoothly. Secondly, grease is not so good in an open environment as the accumulation of dirt, dust and salt flying around in the air will build up and turn it into a sticky, gluggy paste. This will really place added strain on your opener and other garage door components.

Step 2  – Rollers/wheels

Look at your rollers and the axles. If they are covered in grease it should first be removed and the axles wiped clean (as much as you can get to). Gently move the door slightly from side to side to expose more of the axle from the shaft of the hinge. Once again the reason for this is that the old grease that has been exposed to the elements is more likely to inhibit the axles free movement rather than aid it.  At this point you can spray some white lithium grease into the roller bearing (if applicable) section of the wheel. Do not spray CRC or Silicone spray etc into the bearing as it is too thin and will dissipate  any existing lubrication inside the bearing. This can lead to noisy wheels that may seize up. White Lithium grease is thicker and better for bearings.

garage door roller/wheel

garage door roller/wheel


Inspect all of the hinges to make sure they haven’t come loose, aren’t cracked and are not warped. If they are warped or cracked this can cause the door to scrape on your bricks and put the opener and other components under added pressure. There are a number of different metal and plastic hinges depending on the manufacturer of your door but they all have the same basic operation. At this point you can also spray the hinge joints with White lithium grease or any other lubricant. This will eliminate most garage door creaks and groans instantly.

garage door lubrication

garage door lubrication

Never undo the bottom bracket, it is under extreme tension and could cause injury or death if tampered with.

garage door bottom bracket

garage door bottom bracket

Step 3 – Torsion Springs 

Locate the torsion springs. These are usually at the front of the garage near the ceiling. On some older doors they may be towards the rear just in front of the motor. Most single size doors will only have one. Most double sized doors will have two but up to four springs depending on the weight and height of your door. The torsion springs hold an enormous amount of energy and are what does all the heavy lifting of the door. Contrary to popular belief the electric motors aren’t designed to lift a lot of weight and ideally they should only be an actuator to the garage doors movement.

Springs lose some of their tension over time and neglecting to have them re-tensioned by a professional as part of regular garage door maintenance  will put extra strain on your opener and other components of the door which will lead to failures, burnt out motors, warped and split panels, worn or broken drive sprockets etc. The other affect under tensioned springs can have is they may run out of tension at the top of the door travel. This can cause cables to come off the drum and can result in a catastrophic event that could require the entire door to be replaced.

You can check your doors spring tension by lifting it manually, regardless of the door size it should be fairly effortless to lift and if you place it in the halfway position and let go, it should stay where you put it without falling down. Also if you push the door all the way up to it’s normal open position have a look at the cables on either side, they should’t be slack. If you believe your springs may need re – tensioning call us or your local garage door professional. Attempting to retension them yourself without the proper tools or know how can result in serious injury and we don’t recommend it as a DIY task. The horrific injuries sustained by the man below whilst trying to re-tension his springs should serve as as a warning.

If however, you have the know how springs can be purchased as a DIY option from parts wholesalers such as Aus Garage Door Parts 

garage door spring injury

garage door injury

It is a good idea to lubricate your spring. Spring coils that are rubbing together are not only noisy but they can change the tension and the whole dynamics of your door can be thrown out. We recommend spraying them with some CRC, WD -40 Innox etc and then lifting the door up and down a few times and re applying. A top layer of white lithium grease spray can also prevent the coils from binding. Spray the springs with the door down and also with the door up, this will help you reach more of the spring. This also stops rust spots from forming on the springs which can cause weak points and ultimately lead the spring to snap.

On average garage door springs will last between 5 -12 years before they will snap and they need to be professionally replaced. Usually one spring snaps shortly before the other and for that reason we always recommend replacing both springs at once even if only one is broken. We calculate the ideal spring size and gauge for your garage door to ensure it travels smoothly. The wrong size springs will burn out your automatic opener prematurely. Never try to lift your door manually or with the automatic opener with a broken spring. Read more on broken garage door springs.

broken garage door spring

Broken sectional door torsion spring

Step 4 – Torsion cables 

Inspect your torsion cables. They run all way from the cable drum above the top of the door down to the bottom bracket on the door. If there is any sign of rust, fraying or unraveling call us or another garage door professional immediately. Never try to replace or adjust the torsion cables yourself as they are under extreme tension. Also make sure they haven’t skipped off  the drum and into the wrong groove.

garage door cable repair

garage door cable repair

Step 5 – Track hangers 

Inspect the track hangers for broken or loose screws or deformed metal.

garage door bracket

garage door hanger bracket

Step 6 – Automatic opener 

The automatic opener pole or rail should be free from grease, dirt and debris. It is good practice to degrease the pole or rail and wipe clean with a rag. In most cases we do not recommend applying anything to the chain as often this drips down inside the opener and gets into the electronics causing  failure. However, if the chain is rusty or in an environment prone to salt, silicone spray, CRC or WD- 40 can be applied to the chain sparingly and the excess wiped off with a rag.

In general, garage door chains and belts do not require tightening and an over tensioned belt or chain can place excessive strain on the drive sprocket and motor. If you think your chain is loose call a garage door professional as this can be caused by a worn drive sprocket. Inspect the drive carriage for excessive wear and test the safety reverse system of your garage door opener. In general it should stop and reverse if it comes into contact with a  a 40mm high obstacle  placed on the floor and you should be able to stop the door travelling up or down by applying a minimal amount of force. Consult the user manual specific to your garage door opener to find the manufacturers  test procedure.

opener pole cleaning

Automatic opener pole

garage door trolley

garage door trolley

The steps above do not replace a professional service as there are crucial components that can only be serviced using the right tools and know how but has been written to help garage door owners aid the smooth running and longevity of their doors in between professional services.

The correct garage door maintenance can help your garage door run smoothly and issue free for many years.

So you have decided to purchase a new garage door, but choosing garage door colours can be tricky.

What colour will look the best?

We can help with some general tips and tricks that may make it easier for you to decide.

The first thing you need to work out is if you would like the new door to contrast with it’s surrounds or blend into them.

Whilst there is no ‘hard and fast’ rule for this, as a general guide if your homes facade is ‘busy’ or has lots of different elements and textures going on it may be best to choose a neutral colour door that doesn’t stand out too much. Simple yet sophisticated can be the best way to go here.

If you think your homes facade is a little plain and could use some different elements then maybe a more bold palate could work wonders.

Here are some examples of doors that blend in and doors that ‘pop’ out.

Blending in

You may notice in almost all of the examples above that the garage door colours ties in with at least one, but usually no more than 3 other elements of the facade. This is always good practice no matter how small the other element may be. The garage door colour may pick up tones in the bricks, roof tiles or eaves lining. It may be the same colour as the gutter, fascia or render or match the window frames.

It is generally not a good idea to have the garage door colour be stand alone, as in the only example of that particular colour on the homes facade. Sometimes it’s a great idea to pick the garage door colour you like first and then paint your gutters or fascia to match.

To offer more choice to consumers Colorbond is now also manufacturing some colours in a matt finish. Visit the Colorbond website to see the current colours available. At Garage Door Restore we offer the full range of Contemporary, Classic and Matt colours. See our New Door Installation page for further details.

When your consultant arrives they will bring Colorbond swatches to your appointment. However, we always encourage consumers to see an actual garage door in their preferred colour. We are happy to check our records and find previously installed garage doors in your area that are of your colour preference which you can drive past. You can get a more accurate idea of what the colour looks like on a big area like a garage door.

We offer free, no obligation Quotes all over Perth and are more than happy to discuss and advise on colour and style choices. Contact Us today!

You might have tried fixing your own car or motorcycle and end up to further damaging and increasing the cost of repair, and the case is no different for garage door repairs. It seems simple enough, but you’re not sure what the issue is.

There are several good reasons to hire professionals to take care of the problem instead of doing the repair alone.


Garage doors are extremely heavy, if one of these doors falls in you during repair, the weight of the door together with the speed at which it falls could prove very hazardous and even deadly. These doors are lovely to have, but can be dangerous in the wrong circumstance.

This is one of the major concerns of garage door professionals, they take every precaution to make sure that the job is done without risks that you might not be aware of.


Garage door repairs are the trickiest thing to do. You can’t learn the whole troubleshooting process in a single day. It requires a person who has years of expertise and knowledge. They are licensed and certified to that kind of job because they have attained numbers of similar issues in repairing the door until they become experts or professionals. They also have the right tools to get the job done.


If you try to repair your own garage doors, then there is no guarantee on the installation of parts, any kind of liability is for your repair. Many companies offer significant warranties on parts and labor so you won’t have to be anxious about what to do should repair will be a must again.

Professionals can also teach clients how to maintain their door after long after the repair. Take note that proper maintenance is always important to uphold after a repair. It takes the efforts of a professional to let the client know what the importance is.

Hiring a professional for garage door repair service is way more than important than many homeowners think. Let’s face the fact; they can’t take care of every issue themselves. It is the job of professionals to handle any big or small job involving garage doors. It can be unsafe for homeowner to take care of those jobs themselves and they shouldn’t have to compromise their safety just to manage their homes.

Need a garage door repairs in Perth W.A ?

We can help. With over 15 years of experience in the industry and access to the largest range of parts in W.A we can repair almost any residential garage door, whether it is a roller door, sectional door or tilt door.
We are one of the longest operating garage door companies in Perth.
We are based in Bayswater W.A but we cover areas from Yanchep to Rockingham.
We offer free call out and if the job is anything more than a minor repair or service we will give you a free quote. It is then up to whether you would like to proceed on the spot, at a later date or not at all. We don’t use “pressure sales tactics” and will let you know the costs involved before proceeding. We also give senior discounts where we can. 

We stock parts and remotes for brands such as Merlin, Dominator, Guardian, Boss, ATA, Jaytech, Gliderol, Steel Line, Centurion, B&D, Roofmart and SEIP amongst others and we source all our parts locally, with warranties from our wholesale supplier Aus Garage Door Parts.

Some of the most common repairs we may do include :

: Servicing garage doors
: Re tensioning springs
: Replacing broken springs
: Replacing broken cables
: Replacing broken hinges
: Replacing worn drive gears
: New garage door supply and installation
: Repairs to garage door openers
: New garage door openers
: New garage door remotes
: Fixing ‘ghosting’ or doors that are stopping half or part way

We can also remove some dents from garage doors. To read more about this service please read our article on Garage Door Dents 

garage door service Perth

If you are in need of garage door repairs in Perth, give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist. Our Technicians are extremely experienced and our prices are very competitive.

It’s about that time of year again when we start receiving a heavy volume of calls regarding broken garage door springs.

Why do i say “that time of year” ?

The answer is due to the colder mornings. Broken garage door springs are much more likely to occur during cold weather than warm weather because the steel loses ductility in colder temperatures. This combined with metal fatigue on older, more used springs can cause them to break suddenly, often going off with a big ‘bang’. This is what a broken sectional garage door torsion spring looks like

broken garage door spring
Broken sectional garage door torsion spring

Breakage is common with both tilt style garage doors which utilise extension springs such as this

Tilt garage door spring
Tilt garage door extension spring

and sectional garage doors which have torsion springs such as this

sectional panel lift garage door spring
Sectional / Panelift garage door torsion spring

With a tilt door there is a real risk of the spring ‘flying’ off in any direction like a slingshot when it breaks (which is one of the reasons tilt doors aren’t widely manufactured anymore) where as this risk is somewhat mitigated on a sectional door by the torsion pole which runs through the middle of the spring and prevents it from going anywhere.

Unfortunately there is no real way to tell if a spring is going to break , but age and amount of use are a good indicator. A sectional door spring is often rated to 10,000 to 20,000 cycles. If your garage door is opened and closed 3 times per day that equates to almost 11,000 cycles over 10 years. This means that if your garage door has the original springs and is over 10 years old you should consider changing them as a preventative maintenance measure. As part of our garage door general service we can estimate the age of your springs and how likely they are to break as well as adjust the tension to optimum settings.

On an average size double car garage sectional door a spring lifts around 50kg each and they are usually found in pairs. If one spring breaks your garage door opener will be trying to lift a 50kg dead weight which is well above the recommendations of most garage door opener manufacturers and can cause serious damage to the opener and other door components. You may also find it very difficult to lift the door manually in this situation which means your vehicle may be trapped in the garage. If this happens to you don’t try and lift the door. Call a professional.

We always recommend to replace the set of springs rather than just the broken spring as almost always the other spring/springs will break within 6 months of the first and changing garage door springs is quite a labour intensive exercise. It is more cost effective in the long run to pay a Technician once to change two springs than twice to change one spring at a time. We only use high quality springs from our supplier Aus Garage Door Parts.

Replacing garage door springs is not a recommended DIY task. They are under extreme tension and serious injury has resulted from inexperienced and/or ill equipped persons attempting to perform this in the past. If you are squeamish avoid looking at the image below of an unfortunate fellow who sustained a serious injury from attempting a DIY spring change

garage door spring injury

At Garage Door Restore we carry high quality , 20,000 cycle rated springs and every spring change includes a full mechanical service to the rest of the door and automatic opener. We cater for all makes and models and can have your garage door running smoothly again in a couple of hours.

If you would like to find out more about garage door springs and replacement options please contact us.

At Garage Door Restore we offer free Quotes both North and South of the River for New Garage Doors Perth.

We are proud to announce we are now an authorized dealer for Perth Windsor Doors and can offer excellent quality products, workmanship and fantastic prices.

Our doors come in a range of styles and Colorbond colours and are all locally manufactured in Perth.

Please click on the brochure below for colour and style options.


Call 1300 788 522 or email sales@garagedoorrestore.com.au for a free, no obligation Quote.

Garage door dent before Garage Door dent removal  

At Garage Door Restore, we often get asked the question ” Can you remove garage door dents? ” Unfortunately the answer isn’t a simple yes or no so we will try to explain a little.

Most garage doors are manufactured from 0.6mm Colorbond steel. When a garage door is impacted by a vehicle , the impact actually stretches the steel slightly. This means that in places it might only be 0.4mm post impact.

When an attempt is made to remove the garage door dents, because the surface area of the dented section is actually slightly larger now due to the stretching effect, the dent gets pushed from one side to the other without being eliminated. In fact if the Technician (or tenant/homeowner) isn’t experienced in this process they can actually make the dent look worse.

What we can usually do is make the dent look better. How much better? Well it depends.

Factors to Consider to Determine Exactly How Much it Can Get Better:

  • The location of the dent
  • The size of the dent
  • Whether the garage door is woodgrain or smooth finish
  • If the dent was made from the outside of the garage door in, or the inside out
  • If there was any damage to the Colorbond coating

These factors influence how much we can improve the dent with a fair amount of variation.

Typical results range from roughly a 40% improvement to 95% . In some cases the dent will become undetectable. Our aim is to get the best improvement and results possible . The results are considered good if the dent can no longer be noticed without it being specifically pointed out to you from less than 2M in front of the door, and not visible at all from 4M.

We can’t offer any guarantees with this process because of the variable factors. However, after years of experience we can offer the best results possible and we are the most experienced company in Perth for garage door dent removal.

If the door has become bowed or buckled from the impact, there are usually a few things we can do to straighten it out as best as possible. Like replacing wind struts, which helps straighten the door. Once again, an outcome is considered good if the bow or buckle no longer stands out!

Can you just replace the dented panel?”

Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes the answer is no. Some factors that determine if a single panel can be replaced are :

  •  The age of the door and how much it has faded – If the door is older than 5 years, a new panel may look ‘newer’ compared to the rest
  • If the Colour is still available
  • If there are replacement panels available for that brand – Most often, replacement panels must be sourced from the original manufacturer as different brand panels don’t interlock in the same way, have different textures and the patterns may be spaced differently.
  • The cost of replacement panels – Some manufacturers charge so much for replacement panels, that if one or more are dented, it may be more economically viable to replace the panel set. If your door is a Centurion or Steel Line/Perth Windsor garage door it can still be viable to replace individual panels as these manufacturers replacement panels are more affordable than others.

Because it is rarely possible to remove a dent, buckle or bow 100% this can lead to conflict between tenants of rented properties and landlords. Especially if individual replacement panels aren’t available or are highly priced.

From the tenants point of view they may view the situation something like “I made a small dent on one panel and they expect me to pay for a whole new garage door” and the landlords point of view may be ” the garage door was perfect and now it is damaged, the cost to get the door back to perfect condition should be paid by the tenant” .

Our position is to not get involved in disputes. What we can provide is the best technical solutions for garage door dents at the best prices, with the best customer service standards in the industry.

What We Can Do for Your Garage Door Dent

If you have dented your garage door in Perth, we offer free onsite quotes. Advice can also be given on the best remedy dependant on your situation and expectations. We also have close relationships with all major garage door manufacturers in Perth so if you do require replacement panels or parts we can offer the best prices.

We can also give free estimates via email if you prefer.

If you have dented your garage door in Perth please contact us today

garage door in Perthgarage door in Perth

We offer a full programming service for Garage Door Remotes Perth, customers can simply buy online and program the garage door remotes themselves or come into our store. We have working models of most openers so can show you how to program a remote to your opener.

All of our garage door remote controls come with easy to follow instructions (most take less than 10 seconds to program), a 12 month warranty and batteries.  All of our garage door remote controls can be used in conjunction with your original remote controls.

If you would like to program the remote yourself, just click the “order” or “add  to cart” button and your remote will be delivered. Postage times average 1 to 2 business days within W.A, 5-6 business days Eastern States.

If you would like us to attend your address and program the remote in for you in Perth call 1300 788 522 (additional costs)

If you would like to pick up from our store please do not order online, but come in and see us at Aus Garage Door Parts,  4/516 Guildford Rd, Bayswater W.A 6053

All prices are inclusive of GST.

We supply a wide range of remote controls for brands such as Avanti, Centurion, Guardian, Gliderol, B&D, Merlin, ATA  and Dominator amongst others.

We have dedicated years to the design and testing of our replacement remote controls to ensure reliability. You may find cheaper alternatives but in our experience the circuitry degrades quickly and they will stop working after a few months. Our remote controls have been designed with longevity, durability and style in mind.

Returns Policy

If you order the incorrect remote control or have simply changed your mind you can return it for a full refund within 10 days.

Garage Door Prices Perth

People often ask “How much does a new garage door cost?”

The answer depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • Size of the opening
  • Type of opening ( ie carport or garage )
  • Type of construction ( brick, steel, timer fix)
  • If the floor is level or on a lean (taper required)
  • Type of door ( Colorbond sectional, aluminium sectional, roller door)
  • If there is an existing door to remove
  • Manual or automatic
  • Accessories and extras required

A  manual, small  Colorbond roller door that is going into an opening with brick returns and lintel can be as little as $750 supplied and installed whilst a large custom aluminium door can be up to $7000.

The average supplied and installed price for a standard double size, automatic, locally made sectional door is approximately $2000 whilst single doors and roller doors can be cheaper.

Based on our research and records, our pricing is almost always within 5% of the lowest price of any competitors despite having some reassuring differences to most, such as :

  • A brick and mortar store in Bayswater where you can visit us, get additional remotes and accessories, advice and see working displays
  • Extremely experienced installers – Our full time installers are a husband and wife team that have installed over 6000 doors!
  • A dedicated customer liaison that has 14 years garage door experience

Without giving away all of our secrets, in a nutshell we are a small company that has big buying power. So we have been able to negotiate the very best pricing from manufacturers without having the overheads of a large company.

We offer free quotes for new doors and have a variety of different colours and styles available.

If you would like to find out more email us – sales@garagedoorrestore.com.au or give us a call on 1300 788 522

Could signal interference be the problem?

Recently, customers around Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre experienced problems getting into their cars. The issue was traced to Chemist Warehouse where the devices used to let customers know that their prescriptions are ready was thought to be the culprit by causing signal interference which blocked the central locking receiver on many different vehicles.

earlier it was reported
“A device as simple as a remote controlled doorbell or internet router could be behind the bizarre car lock drama at a popular Perth shopping centre. ” https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wa/bizarre-car-park-drama-at-lakeside-joondalup-could-be-solved-ng-b881129992z

This same problem can and does happen to garage door openers at times.

We recently attended a job where the customer explained to us that their garage door and vehicle central locking wasn’t working. We found the culprit to be a faulty wireless door bell.

Solving this problem generally includes first of all finding out if only 1 remote control has ceased operating the door or more than one. Generally speaking if the issue is related to only 1 remote control then it is most likely the remote control itself that is to blame. If all remotes are failing then the issue could be caused by things such as a:

:Mechanical garage door issue

:Signal interference

At Garage Door Restore we can find and eliminate most causes of these issues and we have state of the art signal interference monitors that can pinpoint where the source of the interference is coming from or if the issue is being caused by a mechanical fault.

Give us a call or send us an email to book in a service.

We have put together this guide to help our customers prepare for a new garage door to be installed and to advise the general process involved.

Once your deposit has been received and your colour and style choice has been finalised your new garage door is ordered. All of our doors are made locally in Wangara W.A and Colorbond doors take approximately 7 to 10 business days from order to being ready for installation.

We receive a notification 24 – 48 hours before the door is ready at which time we will contact you and schedule a day for installation. We don’t receive progress updates before this time.

New garage doors, particularly sectional doors, are assembled from the inside out and in order for our installers to complete this safely adequate space is required inside the garage for the new door to be brought in before the existing door is taken down. There are many components that make up a sectional garage door including the panels, tracks, springs, torsion pole, automatic opener, opener rail and parts boxes.

If you have special needs or are unable to clear the garage adequately please advise us as early as possible to avoid installation delays. We are happy to assist in these cases and can organise lifting and shifting heavy items for you.

Below are some images which we hope will clarify the space required for installation.

Garage clear for installation

Garage clear enough. Adequate space to bring in the new sectional garage door and components. Access to the opener, tracks and panels.

Garage not cleared

Garage not cleared enough. Not adequate space to work safely.

If you have any questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

We quite often receive enquiries regarding cedar garage door restoration here at Garage Door Restore.

In the vast majority of cases they have been left too long before action is taken to maintain them and so major work is needed to bring them back to looking great again.

To use an analogy, not regularly maintaining the coating on your door is like driving around for a year with egg on your brand new BMW. It will ruin your paintwork and whilst it is a good idea to remove the egg now, it would have been much better to remove it a year ago!

Prevention and maintenance are the key to keeping your cedar garage door looking great for years. We recently came across a cedar garage door that had been maintained very well ( the owner was a carpenter and knew what he was doing). The door was 15 years old and looked brand new.

Broadly speaking there are two different services we offer.

  1. If your door is not showing any signs of weathering yet or only slight weathering with the joins in between the v grooves still intact and the boards having a hazy and powdery appearance like the one here it is not too late to refresh and protect it. But don’t wait too long!

garage door service Perth

The basic procedure for this is that we blend in stain and prep the door. We sand it with a very fine sandpaper and clean it. The idea is not to remove much of the existing coating but to provide a good ‘key for the topcoats to stick to. Then we apply 2 x topcoats of a special product that protects it from the weather and gives it a refreshed look.

Here is the same door afterwards

Mal Cedar After

This process usually takes around half a day and costs a few hundred dollars. A good percentage of the cost is in the protective coating we use. We don’t use the cheap stuff as it may look great for a few months but rapidly deteriorates after that.

If you don’t want to pay someone else to do this you can do it yourself and we recommend you do it once per year for optimum protection or once every 2 years at a minimum.

If  the coating on your cedar garage door is peeling process 1 just isn’t going to get it looking great again. Once the original coating degrades to the point that it’s coming off it really needs option 2 below and unless you are prepared to put in long hours, get covered in dust, purchase the right equipment and probably end up with a bit of a patchy, sub par result then call the professionals. It’s not really a DIY task!

If you are on a budget we can perform option 1 on a badly weathered door at your request and you can expect a 50% improvement and a slight refreshed look along with added protection but you must be aware that if your door is flaking and peeling, those bits will be covered over, not removed and the surface won’t be as smooth as it was when it was new.

Applying a topcoat of varnish over a door that has already started peeling can actually make it look worse by highlighting the existing damage as per the image below

Cedar garage door peeling

Cedar garage door peeling

Once the coating starts to peel any attempt in sanding it without removing all of the coating on the door usually results in it looking much worse. It’s a little like if you have ever been badly sunburt and start to peel, if you rub the spot you are peeling at you will most likely just end up with more skin peeling.

Cedar has a few qualities which make it ideal for garage doors, but some of these qualities also affect the way it must be handled and treated compared to other timbers.

: It is light – but also very fragile, especially around the v groove edges and joins

: Termites hate it

: It has a beautiful grain and colour

: It is extremely porous

: It is very soft

The fact that cedar is very soft and fragile is compounded by the fact that your garage door moves not only up and down with daily use, but also that it expands and contracts with temperature changes, is subject to UV rays, dust, rain, pollutants and maybe the odd tennis/basketball bouncing off it.

This is also why that unless you are familiar with it, we do not recommend sanding it as a DIY task. The coating that is on your door is much harder than the cedar underneath so unless you are experienced you may end up with dips and gouges in the timber which will become apparent ( and highlighted) only when the topcoat is applied and then it’s too late to fix!

It is also very difficult to achieve with the door in the vertical position and for that reason this is our usual procedure for number 2

We arrive at your home, set up drop sheets and a dust extractor and other equipment, we then use an experienced garage door installer to remove the garage door panels and we begin work on removing the existing coating.

This is done using 5 different grits of sandpaper on Festool equipment to achieve a smooth, flat finish. This bit takes 3 -6 hours with 2 -3 tradesman working on it. We also sand in between the boards by hand.

The door panels are then cleaned down and prepped for coating.

We then spray 3 -4 top coats of a special coating that far outlasts any product you are likely to find in a hardware shop using airless spray equipment ( done by our licensed, registered professional painter)

The product we use is custom made for us here in Perth and has an extreme UV protectant rating.

Once the door is dry enough our garage door installer re installs the panels and ensures the door is functioning effectively. The process is usually completed in around 8 – 10 hours with 2 -3 Tradesmen working on it. The cost for this is usually around the $1500 – $2300 depending on the door size and condition and is usually around 1/4 of the cost of replacing it.

Once this procedure is complete and you maintain your cedar garage door, you can enjoy many years of it looking great.

Here are some before and after images of what we can accomplish.

Check out our facebook page for more images. If you would like a Quote give us a call or send us an email with a photo of your door and we will be happy to help.



cedar garage door restoration before

cedar garage door restoration before

cedar garage door restoration after

cedar garage door restoration after

Garage Door Restoration

Garage Door Restoration

We have recently opened our new premises at 4/516 Guildford Rd, Bayswater W.A (as part of Aus garage door parts)

We carry a full range of garage door parts and remotes with new doors on display.

Customers can come and visit us 7.30am to 5.pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12pm Saturday. We offer friendly, expert advice on all things related to garage doors and can organise garage door repairs and garage door servicing as well as new garage doors and automatic opener supply & installation or customers can purchase and DIY.

garage door parts shop

Garage Door Parts


Perth Garage Door Restore offers proper installation, maintenance and repairs for your garage doors. We also offer new garage doors as well as remote controls and motors. The garage door is the largest moving object in your home, so it needs proper repair and maintenance. If not maintained properly, it could lead to serious injury.

Perth Garage Door Restore collected information about the precautions of handling garage doors, these are the following:

  • Do not let children play with the remote controls and teach them to never play under or near an open garage door.
  • Always place the remote control where the children can’t reach it. The wall switch should also be out of reach of children.
  • Never leave a child alone near the garage door.
  • Teach children about garage door safety.
  • Prevent walking or standing under a moving garage door.
  • Never leave a car underneath an open garage door.
  • Never place fingers between door sections.
  • Check garage door monthly for any sign of damage.

Perth Garage Door Restore can help you in the maintenance, restoration and repairs of your garage door. We make sure that clients are satisfied with our product and services. For new garage doors, remote controls and motors, you can order online or call 1300 788 522. To avail our services, we offer free quotes or you could also call 1300 788 522. Call now!

Nowadays, many people who own a garage are having their door switched from manual to an automatic one by a garage door servicing in Perth. The technological advance on garage doors has been advantageous to the owner for different reasons.  Those who are yet to acquire an automatic garage door should know the advantage and disadvantages of having one.

Automated garage doors take a little more time to install than the hand-operated one. There’s nothing to worry, though, as long as you leave the installation to the professionals to prevent mishandling of the door and getting any injuries. Letting professionals handle installation of your door could save you a lot of time and cost.

Regarding maintenance, naturally, automatic garage doors can require more sustenance than manual ones depending on the quality of the door. Garage doors should always be well-lubricated and maintained so as to avoid having a bigger problem. Garage doors should also be able to withstand strong weather and although garage doors are water-resistant, chemicals incorporated in rain could cause the door to integrate.

Automatic doors are easier to control because of the remote controls that come along with them. The control feature of automatic doors is mainly its biggest selling point because it saves drivers the hassle to go out of their cars and open the door manually.

When it comes to aesthetics, automatic garage doors do not necessarily have to look different from the manual one. It all comes down to how the owners prefer their garage doors to look like. Some want it flashy and extravagant, while some appreciate the mere simplicity of manual garage doors.

Whatever you choose to acquire for a garage door, it all comes down to your personal preference and your creativity. Choose a type you really want because you will be using it for a long time.  Garage Door Servicing in Perth will be at your service.

More often than not, we always find the right people to work on our garage doors installation. After all, garage doors are very important as they keep the contents of our garage safe and secure from theft or burglary. We always go for the cheapest one to work on our garage doors installation. However, most of us will fall for their trap of promising a good service for a cheap price – not knowing that we are being scammed to pay more and receive less of their service.

But how do we really know if the company we are to hire will do a great job in installing our garage doors? The following are pointers that you can keep in mind when hiring the right garage doors installation company:

  • Know the company’s exact legal name. There are garage door installation companies who are very successful in the business because they have been offering their customers good service thus, making their name a reputable one. Unfortunately, there are imitators whose sole purpose is to milk money from their clients and not offer a good service. These imitators use one of the keywords of the famous garage door installation companies to bait customers in hiring them. This is why it is important for you to know the exact legal name of the company you are to hire and do a thorough research.
  • Professional and well-equipped repair technicians. It is your right to know if the company that you are about to employ has the necessary equipment to install your garage doors. A reliable company employs individuals who understand the importance of professionalism as well as individualized, prompt, and efficient service.
  • Warranties. Learn about any warranties before the work is done.
  • Ask questions.  You should ask questions – it is your right to know everything about the company. Always be skeptical.

Fortunately, here at Garage Door Restore, we offer good Garage Doors Installation Perth service at a competitive price.

Garage doors keep your cars and the contents of your garage safe from theft. It is also the largest working part of the house and often is the most prominent feature thus it has to look good and operate smoothly. Garage Door Restore can provide you all the garage door service Perth that you will need.

Before choosing the type of garage door you will have, you must first identify what material will be used. With so many options, choosing the perfect material for your garage door can be confusing. Here is a list of some of the common garage door materials, its advantages and disadvantages:

Aluminum.  Light weight,corrosion resistant, and inexpensive, this material is popular with some homeowners. Aluminum does not rust and performs well in corrosive environments. It is best if you live in a coastal area, its non-corrosive nature can lead to a longer garage door life.  If you think this material will be the best for your garage door, it has a drawback: it can easily dent. If your kids love playing in the garage, an aluminum garage door is not advisable.

  1. Steel is well-known because of its durability. Steel is also known to require little maintenance and still look great as years pass. Steel garage doors also come in a range of design and colors to perfectly match your home’s exterior. One of the primary disadvantages of choosing steel garage doors is that it can lead to different energy ratings due to the variations of thickness or gauge of the steel, as well as the amount of insulation between the door panels.

Wood. Wooden garage doors can stand up well to bumps from basketballs. It is durable and beautiful. Whether your home is traditional-styled or modernized, wooden garage door will perfectly complement your home. Despite it being beautiful and durable, the biggest drawback of wooden garage door is the upkeep. If you have painted over this material, you will need to perform yearly maintenance to help prevent issues like rotting and splitting.

These are just the common materials that can be used for your garage doors. Always remember that there are a lot of factors to be considered when choosing the material to be used. Make sure that the material is within your price range. Also take note of its quality: can it stand the temperature, will it be durable? Above all, is it susceptible for any damages? Can it be easily damaged when hit by an object?

If you have any need for a garage door service Perth, you can contact us at 1300 788 522.

A garage door is the largest opening in your house that allows you to access your garage. A little bit of maintenance can prevent the chances of having a broken garage door. But if a problem does arise, you can always call a garage door repair service.

Before we go into the steps you can do to maintain your garage door, make sure that you do the following first to ensure your safety:

  1. Unplug the automatic door opener so it can’t be activated.
  2. Clamp locking pliers onto the roller track below a roller to keep it from dropping.
  3. Never attempt to adjust or release the tension on an overhead torsion spring. This can only be done by garage door professionals.
  4. Never remove a lift cable while a door spring under tension.
  5. Never place your fingers near any moving parts or between the garage door panels when the door is operating automatically or manually.

What are the stepsyou can perform to maintain your garage door as a non-professional? While given the pointers above, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Lubricate moving parts. Spray lubricant on all the springs, hinges, and rollers. Using thick grease will only help accumulate dust and dirt. Dust and dirt will tear away the bearings and can cause an unwanted black paste to appear and will produce a very sticky surface. Only use a spray that is labeled for garage door use – do not use lubricant oils like WD-40.
  2. Inspect wear and tear. Look for signs of wear or broken parts. Inspect all the hardware and moving parts: garage door springs, rollers, cables, and other door hardware. If you find any signs of damage, call for a garage door service to fix your garage door. Do not use your garage door until it is fixed by a professional.
  3. Clean the garage door. If you live in a salt-air climate, make sure that you clean the outside of your garage door frequently. You can clean it by using a soft sponge or cloth; dip it in warm water diluted with a detergent; clean thoroughly with hose. However, if it appears to be clean, you can just use a broom to remove any debris or cobwebs visible.

Garage Door Repairs Perth offer services such as repairing or replacing broken garage doors, remote controls, springs, cables, hinges, motors, tracks, bearings, flashings, panels, sprockets, and more.

A garage door, being the biggest opening of our house, is seriously difficult to maintain at a good condition. Though it is inevitable for our garage doors to be broken, there are a few steps that could help us prolong the lifespan of it. You may know some tips and tricks on Garage Door Maintenance, but it still would not be enough if you lack the expertise and experience in doing so.

You have to take extra precautions and safety measures if you plan to check the condition of you garage door. But if you’re not sure you want to this, since accidents are unavoidable, you may ask for Garage Door Restore: Garage Door Maintenance Perth services at an affordable cost.


Before you proceed on performing maintenance for your garage door, you might want to check out these following steps first:

– make sure to unplug the door.

– Clamp locking pliers onto the roller track to keep it from dropping.

– attempting to adjust or release the tension on an overhead torsion spring is strictly not recommended especially for those who have no experience. This can only be performed by professionals.

– Do not remove a lift cable at all cost while a door spring is under tension.

– Lastly, never place your fingers between the panels or any moving parts of a garage door whether it is operating manually or automatically.


Here are some procedures you can follow if you want to perform garage door maintenance:


–          Lubricate moving parts. Using thick grease to put on the springs, hinges, and rollers is not recommended since it will help accumulate dust and dirt, instead, use specific type of lubricants: sprays that are labeled for garage door use.

–          Inspect wear and tear. Look for signs of broken parts. Inspect all the hardware and moving parts of you garage door. If signs of damage are found, call for a garage door repair service to fix it.

–          Clean your garage door. You should clean you garage doors regularly if necessary. Use of sponge or cloth, dipped in warm water diluted with detergent is the best way to clean you garage door.


Even if we try to be very careful, accidents are just inevitable sometimes. Garage Door Maintenance Perth offers services like repairing and replacing your garage doors. Sometimes, a little cost is worth all the risk.

The past article talked about maintenance of garage door. And some of the topics covered about garage door maintenance include the visual inspection, Testing Balance and Testing the reversing mechanism of the garage door. There are also some important notes given. This time, we are going to give you the second part of Garage Door Maintenance at Perth.


This article covers the next steps in performing garage door maintenance. But before we proceed, we are going to give an important note and review the past steps covered from the previous article. Here it is…

Note: before anything else, let us not forget to inform our family about our activity, this will reduce the risk of injury and danger.


The previous article tackled Visual Inspection, where you are given the proper way of investigating your garage door by visual means. Then the proper way to check the door’s balance is given too, and the last part was checking the reversing mechanism of the garage door, also with the appropriate way of doing it. This time, the next steps that will be included are Photo eye test, Force Setting Test and Semi-annual lubrication.


Photo eye test.

  • With your garage door fully open, use your garage door’s automatic transmitter to close the door. Wave an object, preferably a long one such as broomstick, in front of the photo door’s eyes breaking the photo eye’s beam. Then, the garage door should reverse automatically. If this does not happen, pull the long object out of the path of the closing garage door. Then close the door and clean the photo eyes with a dry and soft cloth. If they appear to be out of alignment, adjust them manually. Then try doing the process of testing the photo eye again, and if it sill does not automatically reverse, then you might need a help from a professional.


Force setting test.

  • If your garage door is installed with automatic opener, open it fully, and then close it with the transmitter. As it is closing, hold the garage door’s bottom with your hands, stiff and stretched. If the door does not automatically reverse with ease, immediately pull your hands away. With these, you will know the closing force of the door, and if it does not automatically reverse, the door might have excessive closing force and should be checked by a professional.



  • Semi-annual Lubrication is simply the process of applying a small amount of spray lubricant to the garage door parts including hinges, tracks and rollers.


Now that the process of garage door maintenance Perth is complete, you can perform it on your own. Just make sure that when doing so, you be extra special careful to avoid injuries.

Garage doors are really, really difficult to maintain in a good condition: it requires a professional or an experienced person to be able to perform garage door maintenance actions. But not everyone have the luxury to afford to hire a professional to check the condition of their garage doors. Most people take the risk and perform the checking of their garage doors on their own. Garage Door Maintenance Perth wants to help the people who want to know how to check their garage doors properly. You can now do the checking of your garage door and inspect it without worrying about the dangers, just make sure that you follow our guidelines.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you do anything else, first you should inform everyone around your household that you are going to do garage door maintenance. This will prevent anyone from using the garage door, as opening and closing them while you are on the process of checking the garage door can cause injuries.


Visual Inspection

For a simple visual inspection, stay inside the garage and look for any signs of damage and dents on your garage door. First, look at it generally, then check the more specific parts like the garage door springs, rollers, cables mounting hardware and pulleys. If anything is suspicious, either showing symptoms of a possible serious issue, whether it does not sound right or look right, an expert may be required for the inspection and repairs.


Door Balancing

When balancing door, for doors with automatic openers, close the door and disconnect the opener. Once it is closed and can be lifted, lift it manually and see if it goes up smoothly and if it remains open. If there is resistance and difficulty when lifting the garage door, it may be out of balanced. Do not try to repair and instead, ask for a professional assistance.


Reversing Mechanism

For Garage doors with automatic openers, it should reverse… well, automatically. To test if it does so, get a 2×4 piece of wood and put it on the floor where it can block the path of the garage door while it is closing. When the closing garage door strikes the piece of wood, it should automatically reopen. If it does not, then your garage door may have a problem, this can be repaired by an expert.


This is only the first part of Garage Door Maintenance Perth’s guidelines to garage door maintenance. Check our website to learn more and get to the second part.

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