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Proven & Tested Garage Door Painting & Restoration

Transform your garage door with our proven and tested Garage Door Painting & Restoration services. Our expert team specializes in revitalizing and enhancing the look of your garage door, ensuring it looks as good as new. Trust us for top-notch craftsmanship and impeccable results in Garage Door Painting & Restoration.

Garage Door Painting & Restoration PERTH

Our Garage Door Painting & Restoration

Is your garage door in need of a makeover? Is the paint peeling, diminishing your home’s curb appeal? With our Garage Door Painting & Restoration service in Perth, we specialize in bringing tired garage doors back to life. Using our unique process, we can transform your garage door, restoring its value and making your neighbors envious.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Thoroughly strip off the existing coating, revealing the natural timber.
  2. Address any minor repairs that may be needed.
  3. Employ a five-stage sanding process to reduce warping, eliminate imperfections, and leave a smooth finish.
  4. Apply a protective seal, coating, and finish that not only adds durability but also enhances the natural beauty of the timber, while providing UV protection.
  5. Conduct a comprehensive mechanical service, replacing any minor parts as necessary.
  6. The end result is a garage door that not only looks brand new but also functions seamlessly, all at a fraction of the cost of replacement!
  7. We even offer the convenience of a combined yearly maintenance coat and mechanical service.
  8. Additionally, we specialize in repairing garage doors damaged by hail.

Elevate the look of your home and impress your neighbors with our trusted Garage Door Painting & Restoration service.

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Residential Garage Doors

15 years experience in running corporate entities and an eye of going concern, steward in the garage Door Restore brand.

Commercial Garage Doors

New doors sales, schedule installations and cedar restorations. 12 years experience in managing garage.

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15 years experience in running corporate entities and an eye of going concern, steward in the garage Door Restore brand.

Painting & Restoration

9 Years experience in the manufacture, service, installation and repair of garage doors, known for his meticulous work.

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Why Choose Garage Door Restore

Superior Quality

Our garage doors are crafted from the finest materials, including specially formulated G2NS Colorbond steel, cedar, timber-look panels, and aluminum, ensuring durability and style.


Experience top-notch garage doors without breaking the bank. Our prices are competitive, and we offer attractive packages to suit your needs.

Safety Features

Embrace Finger Safe panel designs and fully hemmed edges for maximum safety for you and your family.

Wide Range of Options

Choose from our standard Colorbond range featuring 24 colors and 6 styles or opt for our custom aluminum sectional garage doors with various materials, textures, and colors to create a unique finish

Best Customer Service

At Garage Doors Restore in Perth, our commitment to providing the best customer service goes above and beyond, ensuring that your every need is not just met, but exceeded.

Hassle-Free Quoting

Get a free, no-pressure, no-obligation measure and quote for your garage door installation. We can attend after hours if it suits you or even leave a quote in your letterbox

Happy Customer Reviews

Keith McNamara
Keith McNamara
Very impressed with the service and quality of work. The guy (Nick)? who came out twice, once to look and once to install, was very friendly and very professional. He went above and beyond when installing a new motor. Also, Amanda was really friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend this company!
I got few quote. 1 was little bit cheaper (100 dollars) than garage door restore. However that company seller promised too much (better motor, better warranty and can install quickly) .i knew it was lot of false promise, the service was more than 220 dollars a year to keep warranty.I decided to chose garage door restore.I called them. Alan answered my questions, was really honest for the process, for the price. He didn't lie when i asked How long to be install. He took is time to explain and do the quote.Alan described the process and answered all of my questions with quality answers and professionalism.Even i paid the bill, Alan keep answering my phone call.They install the door quickly than expected. One panel was slightly scratched from the manufactured. They could choose to paint it. It was few mm.They immediately decided to change the panel. I waited 3 weeks and they replaced it.When they say something they doing it. And this in my opinion, it's the best service you can have.The service each year is cheaper than other company.I really recommend to deal with Alan. The whole process was easy. Thank you for that
Sharon Teoh
Sharon Teoh
I called requesting for a quote on a garage door motor. Amanda was so pleasant to talk to and gracious in answering my many questions. When I called a second time to book in, the next availability was the next day but when she heard that we were manually lifting the double door garage and I had my children hold it while I drive the car out, Amanda was willing to recheck with her colleague and arranged for him to attend that same afternoon. Nick was just as pleasant, provided excellent service and at the end when I thanked him for coming at such short notice, I found out he came all the way from the North! He then mentioned that in order to make his trip worth it, Amanda arranged for him to visit a few more homes in this southern area.I'm impressed by how accommodating they all are. I wanted to provide my feedback in writing so that management is aware of the great experience I had. Many thanks to Amanda and Nick, and you can be assured I'm recommending your services.
Julia Fenton
Julia Fenton
Super efficient and friendly, both on the phone and the technician who came to help with a stuck garage door
Hyunjin Lee
Hyunjin Lee
Amanda very organised and on time everything and there no hidden cost of the job. the Technician was very good skill, on time, reliable and good advisor, very good service. Make me save a lot of money . Thank you team.
Nicholas Baldwin
Nicholas Baldwin
Efficient, Fast, Knowledgeable and Friendly! What more could we ask for? Our garage door motor was on its last legs. I phoned Garage Door Restore and they had a technician (Rasi) out to take a look within an hour of our phone call. Rasi worked out the problem and gave us a couple of options. We decided to replace the entire motor with a brand new one. Rasi popped back to the shop to grab the part and was back with the new motor installed within and hour. From first phone call to new motor installed within 2 hours - we were blown away by the service all for a lot cheaper than we had expected! I can't fault our experience with Garage Door Restore in any way. Thanks for such a great experience and keep up the amazing work!Nick and Elissa.
Madelyn Coertzen
Madelyn Coertzen
Excellent service. Thank you SO much. Great service, on time and friendly.
Aimee Winter
Aimee Winter
Im so impressed with every aspect of the service received by this company today. I called them with an urgent job, they were on site within 1-2 hours, plus I had a detailed written report and invoice within a few hours. Thank you so much, we will definitely be using your services again in the future.

Frequency Asked Questions

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Garage doors play a crucial role for both homeowners and businesses, and having a fully functional garage door is essential regardless of the weather. Neglecting maintenance can lead to inconvenience and expensive repairs. Complex features like automatic openers require regular care to ensure reliability and longevity. Lubrication and alignment can deteriorate over time, so we recommend annual inspections to maintain warranty coverage.

Absolutely. Regular servicing can save you time, money, and stress by preventing costly emergency situations. Neglecting roller door maintenance can result in the door falling, malfunctioning, coming off its hinges, or breaking a spring. Such avoidable damage can pose hazards to users and stored items.

The decision to repair or replace your door depends on various factors. Many components can be fixed, and motors or springs can be replaced as needed. However, the choice will depend on the severity of the issues and the parts involved. Our expert technicians can assist you in determining the best course of action.

Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection, including lubricating moving parts, aligning the door on its tracks, assessing motors, electronics, coding, and syncing of openers, and inspecting barrels, weather seals, cables, springs, and locks. They can replace or repair parts that are not functioning correctly to ensure your door operates optimally.

Garage door servicing requires trained professionals for safety and effectiveness. While we do not recommend DIY servicing, you can perform minor maintenance tasks such as lightly oiling hinge points with 30W oil, keeping the guides clean, and cleaning door panels with soapy water between professional servicing visits.