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Could signal interference be the problem?

Recently, customers around Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre experienced problems getting into their cars. The issue was traced to Chemist Warehouse where the devices used to let customers know that their prescriptions are ready was thought to be the culprit by causing signal interference which blocked the central locking receiver on many different vehicles.

earlier it was reported
“A device as simple as a remote controlled doorbell or internet router could be behind the bizarre car lock drama at a popular Perth shopping centre. ”

This same problem can and does happen to garage door openers at times.

We recently attended a job where the customer explained to us that their garage door and vehicle central locking wasn’t working. We found the culprit to be a faulty wireless door bell.

Solving this problem generally includes first of all finding out if only 1 remote control has ceased operating the door or more than one. Generally speaking if the issue is related to only 1 remote control then it is most likely the remote control itself that is to blame. If all remotes are failing then the issue could be caused by things such as a:

:Mechanical garage door issue

:Signal interference

At Garage Door Restore we can find and eliminate most causes of these issues and we have state of the art signal interference monitors that can pinpoint where the source of the interference is coming from or if the issue is being caused by a mechanical fault.

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