Garage Door colours

Garage Door colours

So you have decided to purchase a new garage door, but choosing garage door colours can be tricky. here is full guide to choose right colour to your garage door.

What colour will look the best? – Garage Door Colours in 2023

We can help with some general tips and tricks that may make it easier for you to decide.

The first thing you need to work out is if you would like the new door to contrast with it’s surrounds or blend into them.

Whilst there is no ‘hard and fast’ rule for this, as a general guide if your homes facade is ‘busy’ or has lots of different elements and textures going on it may be best to choose a neutral colour door that doesn’t stand out too much. Simple yet sophisticated can be the best way to go here.

If you think your homes facade is a little plain and could use some different elements then maybe a more bold palate could work wonders.

Here are some examples of doors that blend in and doors that ‘pop’ out.

Blending in

You may notice in almost all of the examples above that the garage door colours ties in with at least one, but usually no more than 3 other elements of the facade. This is always good practice no matter how small the other element may be. The garage door colour may pick up tones in the bricks, roof tiles or eaves lining. It may be the same colour as the gutter, fascia or render or match the window frames.

It is generally not a good idea to have the garage door colour be stand alone, as in the only example of that particular colour on the homes facade. Sometimes it’s a great idea to pick the garage door colour you like first and then paint your gutters or fascia to match.

To offer more choice to consumers Colorbond is now also manufacturing some colours in a matt finish. Visit the Colorbond website to see the current colours available. At Garage Door Restore we offer the full range of Contemporary, Classic and Matt colours. See our New Door Installation page for further details.

When your consultant arrives they will bring Colorbond swatches to your appointment. However, we always encourage consumers to see an actual garage door in their preferred colour. We are happy to check our records and find previously installed garage doors in your area that are of your colour preference which you can drive past. You can get a more accurate idea of what the colour looks like on a big area like a garage door.

We offer free, no obligation Quotes all over Perth and are more than happy to discuss and advise on colour and style choices. Contact Us today!

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