Garage Door Installation Information

Garage Door Installation Information

Looking for garage door installation informations recently?

We have put together this guide to help our customers prepare for a new garage door to be installed and to advise the general process involved.

Once your deposit has been received and your colour and style choice has been finalised your new garage door is ordered. All of our doors are made locally in Wangara W.A and Colorbond doors take approximately 7 to 10 business days from order to being ready for installation.

We receive a notification 24 – 48 hours before the door is ready at which time we will contact you and schedule a day for installation. We don’t receive progress updates before this time.

New garage doors, particularly sectional doors, are assembled from the inside out and in order for our installers to complete this safely adequate space is required inside the garage for the new door to be brought in before the existing door is taken down. There are many components that make up a sectional garage door including the panels, tracks, springs, torsion pole, automatic opener, opener rail and parts boxes.

If you have special needs or are unable to clear the garage adequately please advise us as early as possible to avoid installation delays. We are happy to assist in these cases and can organise lifting and shifting heavy items for you.

Below are some images which we hope will clarify the space required for installation.

Garage clear enough. Adequate space to bring in the new sectional garage door and components. Access to the opener, tracks and panels.

Garage not cleared enough. Not adequate space to work safely.

If you have any questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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