Garage Door Maintenance: Avoiding Broken Garage Doors

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A garage door is the largest opening in your house that allows you to access your garage. A little bit of maintenance can prevent the chances of having a broken garage door. But if a problem does arise, you can always call a garage door repair service.

Steps to follow Garage Door Maintenance

Before we go into the steps you can do to maintain your garage door, make sure that you do the following first to ensure your safety:

  • Unplug the automatic door opener so it can’t be activated.
  • Clamp locking pliers onto the roller track below a roller to keep it from dropping.
  • Never attempt to adjust or release the tension on an overhead torsion spring. This can only be done by garage door professionals.
  • Never remove a lift cable while a door spring under tension.
  • Never place your fingers near any moving parts or between the garage door panels when the door is operating automatically or manually.
  • What are the stepsyou can perform to maintain your garage door as a non-professional? While given the pointers above, here are a few things you can do:

Lubricate moving parts. Spray lubricant on all the springs, hinges, and rollers. Using thick grease will only help accumulate dust and dirt. Dust and dirt will tear away the bearings and can cause an unwanted black paste to appear and will produce a very sticky surface. Only use a spray that is labeled for garage door use – do not use lubricant oils like WD-40.

Inspect wear and tear. Look for signs of wear or broken parts. Inspect all the hardware and moving parts: garage door springs, rollers, cables, and other door hardware. If you find any signs of damage, call for a garage door service to fix your garage door. Do not use your garage door until it is fixed by a professional.

Clean the garage door. If you live in a salt-air climate, make sure that you clean the outside of your garage door frequently. You can clean it by using a soft sponge or cloth; dip it in warm water diluted with a detergent; clean thoroughly with hose. However, if it appears to be clean, you can just use a broom to remove any debris or cobwebs visible.

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