Garage Door Service Perth: Choosing the best garage door

Choosing the best garage door

Garage doors keep your cars and the contents of your garage safe from theft. It is also the largest working part of the house and often is the most prominent feature thus it has to look good and operate smoothly. Garage Door Restore can provide you all the garage door service Perth that you will need.

Before Choosing The Best Garage Door

You must first identify what material will be used. With so many options, choosing the perfect material for your garage door can be confusing. Here is a list of some of the common garage door materials, its advantages and disadvantages:


Light weight,corrosion resistant, and inexpensive, this material is popular with some homeowners. Aluminum does not rust and performs well in corrosive environments. It is best if you live in a coastal area, its non-corrosive nature can lead to a longer garage door life. If you think this material will be the best for your garage door, it has a drawback: it can easily dent. If your kids love playing in the garage, an aluminum garage door is not advisable.

Steel is well-known because of its durability. Steel is also known to require little maintenance and still look great as years pass. Steel garage doors also come in a range of design and colors to perfectly match your home’s exterior. One of the primary disadvantages of choosing steel garage doors is that it can lead to different energy ratings due to the variations of thickness or gauge of the steel, as well as the amount of insulation between the door panels.
Wood. Wooden garage doors can stand up well to bumps from basketballs. It is durable and beautiful. Whether your home is traditional-styled or modernized, wooden garage door will perfectly complement your home. Despite it being beautiful and durable, the biggest drawback of wooden garage door is the upkeep. If you have painted over this material, you will need to perform yearly maintenance to help prevent issues like rotting and splitting.

These are just the common materials that can be used for your garage doors. Always remember that there are a lot of factors to be considered when choosing the material to be used. Make sure that the material is within your price range. Also take note of its quality: can it stand the temperature, will it be durable? Above all, is it susceptible for any damages? Can it be easily damaged when hit by an object?

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