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The past article talked about maintenance of garage door. And some of the topics covered about garage door maintenance include the visual inspection, Testing Balance and Testing the reversing mechanism of the garage door. There are also some important notes given. This time, we are going to give you the second part of Garage Door Maintenance at Perth.


This article covers the next steps in performing garage door maintenance. But before we proceed, we are going to give an important note and review the past steps covered from the previous article. Here it is…

Note: before anything else, let us not forget to inform our family about our activity, this will reduce the risk of injury and danger.


The previous article tackled Visual Inspection, where you are given the proper way of investigating your garage door by visual means. Then the proper way to check the door’s balance is given too, and the last part was checking the reversing mechanism of the garage door, also with the appropriate way of doing it. This time, the next steps that will be included are Photo eye test, Force Setting Test and Semi-annual lubrication.


Photo eye test.


Force setting test.




Now that the process of garage door maintenance Perth is complete, you can perform it on your own. Just make sure that when doing so, you be extra special careful to avoid injuries.

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