Garage Door Maintenance Perth

Garage Door Maintenance Perth

Are you looking for Garage Door Maintenance Perth?

Garage doors are really, really difficult to maintain in a good condition: it requires a professional or an experienced person to be able to perform garage door maintenance actions. But not everyone have the luxury to afford to hire a professional to check the condition of their garage doors. Most people take the risk and perform the checking of their garage doors on their own. Garage Door Maintenance Perth wants to help the people who want to know how to check their garage doors properly. You can now do the checking of your garage door and inspect it without worrying about the dangers, just make sure that you follow our guidelines.

        IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you do anything else, first you should inform everyone around your household that you are going to do garage door maintenance. This will prevent anyone from using the garage door, as opening and closing them while you are on the process of checking the garage door can cause injuries.

Visual Inspection

For a simple visual inspection, stay inside the garage and look for any signs of damage and dents on your garage door. First, look at it generally, then check the more specific parts like the garage door springs, rollers, cables mounting hardware and pulleys. If anything is suspicious, either showing symptoms of a possible serious issue, whether it does not sound right or look right, an expert may be required for the inspection and repairs.

Door Balancing

When balancing door, for doors with automatic openers, close the door and disconnect the opener. Once it is closed and can be lifted, lift it manually and see if it goes up smoothly and if it remains open. If there is resistance and difficulty when lifting the garage door, it may be out of balanced. Do not try to repair and instead, ask for a professional assistance.

Reversing Mechanism

For Garage doors with automatic openers, it should reverse… well, automatically. To test if it does so, get a 2×4 piece of wood and put it on the floor where it can block the path of the garage door while it is closing. When the closing garage door strikes the piece of wood, it should automatically reopen. If it does not, then your garage door may have a problem, this can be repaired by an expert.

This is only the first part of Garage Door Maintenance Perth’s guidelines to garage door maintenance. Check our website to learn more and get to the second part.

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