After Market -ATA PTX 5



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Keyring 27MHz Remote Control Transmitter

? Small keyring transmitters to replace the FMT-301, FMT-201 & ATA TXA-1
? Flashing LED indicates flat battery.
? Crystal based architecture, providing faster frequency settling, greater modulation depth and reduced temperature dependence.
? Easy to program and install with code switch technology.
? Durable plastic case.

Operates in the 27MHz band, the KEY series achieves the highest possible standard of performance by using a crystal-controlled, frequency modulated (FM) radio signal. The onboard microcontroller uses the latest technology allowing for easy setup and installation while providing maximum security and reliability.
The KEY ring transmitter uses a LED light to indicate a flat battery status. The 1Hz flashing of the LED indicates a flat battery. The blue LED light will be ?on? when the transmitter is activated by simply pressing the button on the front.
The KEY ring transmitter uses a high capacity (150mAh) 6 volt battery instead of the usual low capacity (30mAh) 12 volt remote control battery. This allows the user to use longer lasting batteries for more reliable operation.
Operating Distance
An operating distance of 200 metres is possible.
The operating distance depends upon the receiver antenna and location.
Power Source 6V Alkaline Battery (4LR44)
Also Known as 4SR44, A544, PX28L, K28L, 28L or 2CR-1/3N
Current Consumption 40mA (typical) at 6VDC supply during transmission
Standby Current Less than 6uA
Operating Frequency 27.145MHz (Other frequency available: 27.045, 27.195 & 27.455MHz.
NB. 27.455 frequency is not available for Australia, Export Only)
Carrier Freq. Tolerance Crystal controlled 30 parts per million (0-50?C)
Radiated Field Strength 70 dBuV/m at 3 metres (?3dB) or 3uWatts
Spurious Emissions > 15dB Below carrier at 3 metres
Antenna Built-in 30mm proprietary DILEC rod
Type of Emission Narrow-bandwidth Frequency Modulation (5K00F1D)
Bits per second 926 bps
Necessary Bandwidth ?2.5 KHz
Digital Coding System Onboard 12-way coding switch (4096 codes) (KEY-304 & KEY-302: 10-way)
Dimension 65 x 40 x 15 mm
Weight 30g (excluding battery)
Useable Operating Range Up to 100 metres depending on building structure and receiver antenna
Compatible Receivers All Elsema type FMR series


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