After Market – SEIP RC



Suits SEIP garage door openers. Please check that your existing SEIP remote control has 433 RC-AM on the back cover and If it does, then this SEIP 433 RC AM remote replacement can easily be programmed to your opener.

Suits SEIP A45, A60, M50, C75 and C100 Models

These remotes don?t contain any potentially hazardous button batteries!

Pairing takes a few seconds and is very easy. Download instructions here

If this remote doesn?t meet or surpass your expectations send it back for a full refund within 14 days
Programming is very simple and takes less than 10 seconds. Full instructions are included. Guaranteed to work equal to or better than the original bulky remote. Built for strength (buttons won?t fall off like the originals) and around half the size of the originals. Won?t delete any of your existing SEIP remotes. NOTE ? If the back of your remote control is a silver colour and has the letters SKR 433 then this remote is not the correct one. Our other listing SKR 433 Replacement is the compatible remote.

?I recently ordered 2 new garage remotes from Garage Door Restore having undergone weeks of ignoring the fact that we only had one working remote. I googled to find a local supplier and up popped Garage Door Restore. I ordered the remotes on Monday and they arrived on Tuesday. The ordering process was simple and easy BUT that was nothing compared to how easy it was to program the new remotes! They look really classy and are very sturdy. I programmed them in 10 seconds. I am so happy with this company, both with their outstanding service and the excellent quality of the product they supplied AND what a fantastic price. Highly recommend Garage Door Restore. ?

?2 new remotes arrived today. Great service, fantastic price and excellent product. Cannot recommend you guys highly enough.?



QUALITY INTERNAL CHIP ? don?t be fooled by cheaper alternatives that don?t last


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