SECTIONAL DOOR SPRING – BROWN – 780mm long x 6.0mm wire



We have a full range of garage door springs in Perth catering for all size garage doors.

If you aren?t sure what garage door spring you need, be it a tilt door spring, sectional door spring or roller door spring we are here to help.

Need to buy a replacement spring? Has yours broken? Do you want a DIY fix?

All garage door springs break over time as metal fatigue sets in and getting the right replacement is very important. Getting it wrong can lead to failure of your opener and other components.

How to work out what is the right spring?

We use specialised software and spring calculation charts and can advise on and provide you with the correct unit based on your garage door width, height and weight. You can simply bring into store measurements and maybe even a photo of your garage door, measurements of the spring or the broken one and you can purchase the correct spring.

When working out what the correct spring is we basically need to find out the wire gauge and length of the spring needed.

Common sizes for sectional door springs are 5.6mm x 650mm, 6mm x 760mm, 6.3mm x 760mm and 6.3mm x 970mm . We stock all of these.

We will also need to know whether it?s the left or right hand spring that you need (looking from inside the garage out) or a pair.

We always recommend to replace a pair as they usually break at around the same time as in most cases they are the same age, have done the same work and suffer the same level of metal fatigue. So even if only one is broken out of a pair, chances are the other one is close to breaking point too.

All our parts are tried and tested in the field and we supply to both retail and trade clients.

We offer free expert advice and a huge range of garage door parts.

Call us, see us in store or order online today.

Online ordering notes
You can add the product to your cart. When going through the cart there is an ?order notes? section. Please advise us whether you require a RH spring or a LH spring (Viewed from inside the garage looking out) . If you have ordered 2 springs we will assume it is a pair (1 x LH & 1 x RH) that you require.

LH springs are usually painted red on the end where as RH springs are usually painted black.

sectional garage door springs

We also need to know what size spring you need. To work this out measure 10 of the coils on the broken spring. This will usually be somewhere between 56mm and 63mm. Dividing this by 10 gives us the wire size eg 5.6mm, 6mm, 6.3mm etc

Next measure the total length of the spring.

Your order notes should read something like this

?1 x RH spring, 6mm x 750mm?

Alternatively you can send us measurements of your door and we will work out the correct spring for you.

You can always contact us for help either by phone or email and we will be happy to assist.


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